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Fifth Grade Spelling Words

Tip: If your words come up when you click on your story title, but when you click on "Play Games" or "Test Me" you get an error message that "your list is no longer available," one of our teachers has found a solution!  Right click on "Test Me" or "Play Games" and click on "Open in a New Window" from the menu box.  It seems to work every time!  Thanks, Mrs. Breland!


Days of the Week Months of the Year
Color Words Numbers 0-20
Number Words Confusing Words
Unit 1:

Frindle - Spelling

Frindle -Vocabulary

Thunder Rose - Spelling

Thunder Rose - Vocabulary

Island of the Blue Dolphins - Spelling

Island of the Blue Dolphins - Vocabulary

Satchel Paige- Spelling

Satchel Paige - Vocabulary

Shutting Out the Sky - Spelling

Shutting Out the Sky - Vocabulary

Unit 2:

Inside Out- Spelling

Inside Out - Vocabulary

Passage to Freedom - Spelling

Passage to Freedom - Vocabulary

The Chi'i-lin Purse - Spelling

The Chi'i-lin Purse - Vocabulary

Jane Goodall - Spelling

Jane Goodall - Vocabulary

The Midnight Ride - Spelling

The Midnight Ride - Vocabulary


Unit 3:

Wings for the King - Spelling

Wings for the King - Vocabulary

Leonardo's Horse - Spelling

Leonard's Horse - Vocabulary

Waterhouse Hawkins - Spelling

Waterhouse Hawkins - Vocabulary

Mahalia Jackson- Spelling

Mahalia Jackson - Vocabulary

Special Effects - Spelling

Special Effects - Vocabulary


Unit 4:

Weslandia - Spelling

Weslandia - Vocabulary

Stretching Ourselves - Spelling

Stretching Ourselves - Vocabulary

Exploding Ants - Spelling

 Exploding Ants - Vocabulary

The Stormi Giovanni Club - Spelling

The Stormi Giovanni Club - Vocabulary

The Gymnast - Spelling

The Gymnast - Vocabulary

Unit 5:

The Three-Century Woman - Spelling

The Three-Century Woman - Vocabulary

Wreck of the Titanic - Spelling

Wreck of the Titanic - Vocabulary

Talk with an Astronaut - Spelling

Talk with an Astronaut - Vocabulary

Center of the Earth - Spelling

Center of the Earth - Vocabulary

Ghost Towns - Spelling

Ghost Towns - Vocabulary


Unit 6:

At the Beach - Spelling

At the Beach - Vocabulary

St. Matthew Island - Spelling

St. Matthew Island - Vocabulary

King Midas - Spelling

King Midas - Vocabulary

The Hindenburg - Spelling

The Hindenburg - Vocabulary

Sweet Music in Harlem  - Spelling

Sweet Music in Harlem - Vocabulary


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