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Sixth Grade Spelling Words

Tip: If your words come up when you click on your story title, but when you click on "Play Games" or "Test Me" you get an error message that "your list is no longer available," one of our teachers has found a solution!  Right click on "Test Me" or "Play Games" and click on "Open in a New Window" from the menu box.  It seems to work every time!  Thanks, Mrs. Breland!


Days of the Week Months of the Year
Color Words Numbers 0-20
Number Words Confusing Words
Unit 1:

Old Yeller - Spelling

Old Yeller - Vocabulary

Mother Fletcher's Gift - Spelling

Mother Fletcher's Gift - Vocabulary

Viva New Jersey - Spelling

Viva New Jersey - Vocabulary

Saving the Rain Forests - Spelling

Saving the Rain Forests - Vocabulary

When Crowbar Came - Spelling

When Crowbar Came - Vocabulary

Unit 2:

The Universe - Spelling

The Universe - Vocabulary

Dinosaur Ghosts - Spelling

Dinosaur Ghosts - Vocabulary

A Week in the 1800s - Spelling

A Week in the  1800s - Vocabulary

Goodbye to the Moon - Spelling

Goodbye to the Moon - Vocabulary

Egypt:  Land of the Pharaohs - Spelling

Egypt:  Land of the Pharaohs - Vocabulary


Unit 3:

Hatchet - Spelling

Hatchet - Vocabulary

When Marian Sang - Spelling

When Marian Sang - Vocabulary

Learning to Swim - Spelling

Learning to Swim - Vocabulary

Juan Verdades - Spelling

Juan Verdades - Vocabulary

Elizabeth Blackwell - Spelling

Elizabeth Blackwell - Vocabulary


Unit 4:

Into the Ice - Spelling

Into the Ice - Vocabulary

The Chimpanzees I Love - Spelling

The Chimpanzees I Love - Vocabulary

Black Frontiers - Spelling

Black Frontiers - Vocabulary

Space Cadets - Spelling

Space Cadets - Vocabulary

Inventing the Future - Spelling

Inventing the Future - Vocabulary

Unit 5:

The View from Saturday - Spelling

The View from Saturday - Vocabulary

Harvesting Hope - Spelling

Harvesting Hope - Vocabulary

The River - Spelling

The River - Vocabulary

Gold - Spelling

Gold - Vocabulary

The House of Wisdom - Spelling

The House of Wisdom - Vocabulary


Unit 6:

Don Quixote - Spelling

Don Quixote - Vocabulary

Ancient Greece - Spelling

Ancient Greece - Vocabulary

The All-American Slurp - Spelling

The All-American Slurp - Vocabulary

The Aztec News - Spelling

The Aztec News - Vocabulary

Where Opportunity Awaits - Spelling

Where Opportunity Awaits - Vocabulary


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